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How Sex Is Good For Our Overall Being

Sex may not come as the basic need of human sustenance but it is a biological need which needs to be fulfilled for better health and human relationships. The bonding and emotions along with other health benefits make sex a good healing and well being tool.

Sex life

The benefits

  • It is a good form of exercise and and you would burnt more calories than you would thought and the frequency of sex will be a real workout session for you.
  • Sex helps for a better mental health, as feel good hormones are released and the happy feelings sets in and mood gets elevated in the process.
  • Studies have shown that sex help to reduce blood pressure as your body is not under any stress and deriving pleasure through the act.
  • Sex has said to relieve head aches and other pains in the body. The body is released of tension and the happy hormones or endorphins released so you feel refreshed and better.
  • The stress levels drastically increase in today’s competitive world, sex is a good way to get a relief from it without any medication.
  • Every time you have sex there is an increase in immunoglobulins in the body so it is great booster of immunity and health too.
  • Many cardiovascular diseases are prevented by frequently engaging in healthy sexual activities.
  • Menstrual cycles in women are regularised with an active sex life. It also helps in relieving the cramps and uneasiness that accompanies periods.
  • Sexual activity has said to reduce the prostrate cancer risk in men. The study has shown that men with healthy sexual appetite are less likely to get prostrate cancer.
  • After solving most of our health problems it is quite obvious that our life span is increased hence healthy sex can be key to long life.
  • It also helps to get better sleep as oxytocin is released during sex and it is a sleep inducing hormone.
  • The pelvic floor muscles are usually the neglected parts of our body and people forget to exercise them. As age advances and birth of kids the pelvic muscles need to be strengthened and one of the methods is by having regular sex.
  • It happy hormones secretion and de stressing activity will help your skin look younger probably a decade younger than you are.


Sex may sound great as a pleasurable activity but science backs it up with a lot of health benefits.


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