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The one of the major concern for the boys and girls about dating online is that the cost of dating is relatively high as they have to subscribe in the dating website for which they will charge some amount of money. The subscription is only for some days and after that if they want to continue they have to pay money again. But currently there are many free dating applications on smart phones and even free websites that allow people to find any interested person for dating. No payment is needed but in some cases in some websites they allow both free and premium. Many people are using free dating apps and sites and the one of the best free dating site is Cupid.

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Excellent matching system

If you check online you will be able to see that cupid is among the top ranking and fast growing dating site online. This site is quite easy to use and it is really a fun for the people interested in dating to using this site to connect with suitable profile for dating. Matching system in Cupid is really excellent but it is flexible though and this the main reason that this dating site is most used. People are given preference to choose what they want and there are no hassles in choosing the match.


There are predefined questions that allows the person to choose what they want using their answers for the given questions. This is the only site that discloses the statistics about all the activities involved in dating on the site. It shows the statistical score of the photos uploaded, the age score for dating and other details. The site allows the better communication in all possible ways which is not in other dating sites. People sometimes use this as social networking site for communication regarding dating.


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